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If you have a need for folding doors, toilet partitions, toilet accessories, lockers, or whatever, please let us assist you in determining the product or service which can best suit your facility. Folding doors are the moveable products used by churches, schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, etc. to temporarily divide and sub-divide rooms of various sizes into smaller areas for a variety of purposes. We also provide repair and maintenance services for the folding door and wall products of all manufactures regardless of size or age.

Toilet compartments, Accessories & Lockers for any type of bathroom: new, replace existing, refurnish or repair existing - wide range of products & materials - domestic & imported. Audio/Visual Specialties including chalkboards, tackboards and projection screens for the office, church or school - any size, finish/color or configuration.



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Barranger folding doors

Barranger folding doors

Barranger folding doors

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