Barranger Folding Doors

Ordering Information at Barranger & Company, Inc.

For All Orders:

  1. Quantity (and layout where applicable)

  2. Size (dimensions, capacity, etc.)

  3. Finish (vinyl, cloth, baked enamel, etc.)

  4. Color


- For customers with established accounts:

Net 30 days, no retainage, and 1 1/2% per month service charge on unpaid balances (plus attorney's fees as insurred; min. 30%). 

For installed material we do not include opening preparations (jambs, imbedded, or support items); electric wires, wiring or control disconnect boxes. 

Price based on one continuous installation operation (unless otherwise noted). Direct shipments to be unloaded and protected by purchaser. 

Delivery and installation subject to acceptance within 30 days; otherwise, it is subject to change or withdrawal without notice. 

Prices are based upon shipment within 12 months (regardless of job length), and if our factory cost increases by more than 5% during that period, we reserve the right to make immediate shipment upon notice.

- For new customers:

Minimum 50% deposit (contact us for specifics). Otherwise, same as stated for established accounts.

- Most items are custom fabricated to your specific size, color, etc. and are NOT returnable.

- We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.



Barranger folding doors

Barranger folding doors

Barranger folding doors

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