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Glass Wall Partitions

Bring light into a room while dividing it from other areas with glass partitions for commercial, industrial, hospitality, church and school markets.

order toilet partitions in Virginia

We offer a broad range of toilet partition options and assist our clients with key product decisions related to materials, privacy, cleaning and maintenance.

Lockers & Athletic Equipment

Store personal belongings, clothes, books, uniforms and more with locker solutions for schools, commercial facilities, industrial plants, and hospitality markets.

Operable Walls from Barranger

Designed to easily open and close, operable walls are a type of partition commonly used to divide large spaces into separate areas creating multiple rooms.

Unispan System

Unispan overhead support systems allow for the installation of partitions in buildings with inadequate overhead structure to support the weight of partitions.

Accordion Partitions, Walls & Doors

Barranger & Company, Inc. installs and maintains these simple, budget conscious room dividers for schools, churches, businesses and other facilities.

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Barranger Services

In addition to supplying and installing folding doors, partitions, toilet accessories, lockers, and more our team of professionals also provide repair and maintenance services for the folding door and wall products of all manufactures regardless of size or age.

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Custom Products

Barranger & Company, Inc.

Over 50 Years in Specialty Building Supplies

If you have a need for folding doors, toilet partitions, toilet accessories, lockers, or whatever, please let us assist you in determining the product or service which can best suit your facility. Folding doors are the moveable products used by churches, schools, hospitals, offices, hotels, etc. to temporarily divide and sub-divide rooms of various sizes into smaller areas for a variety of purposes.

Barranger & Company also provides repair and maintenance services for the folding door and wall products of all manufacturers regardless of size or age.

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