How to Order

Barranger & Company, Inc.

Ordering Information at Barranger & Company, Inc.

Our sales consultants will work with you to determine the following elements of your order:


  • Quantity (and layout where applicable)
  • Size (dimensions, capacity, etc.)
  • Finish (vinyl, cloth, baked enamel, etc.)
  • Color
Bathroom Toilet Walls Barranger

For customers with established accounts:

  • Net 30 days, no retainage, and 1 1/2% per month service charge on unpaid balances (plus attorney’s fees as incurred; min. 30%).
  • For installed material we do not include opening preparations (jambs, imbedded, or support items); electric wires, wiring or control disconnect boxes.
  • Price based on one continuous installation operation (unless otherwise noted). Direct shipments to be unloaded and protected by purchaser.
  • Delivery and installation subject to acceptance within 30 days; otherwise, it is subject to change or withdrawal without notice.
  • Prices are based upon shipment within 12 months (regardless of job length), and if our factory cost increases by more than 5% during that period, we reserve the right to make immediate shipment upon notice.

For new customers:

  • Minimum 50% deposit (contact us for specifics). Otherwise, same as stated for established accounts.
  • Most items are custom fabricated to your specific size, color, etc. and are NOT returnable.
  • We accept cash, check and all major credit cards.
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